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Please note: Due to COVID-19 group training classes have been cancelled until further notice. In-home consultations are now running as normal, covid safe, of course!

Our focus has always been to teach and educate owners on the best way to train their dog, manage their dog's behaviour, understand their dog and implement a plan to change and prevent any unwanted behaviours. 

We use positive, scientifically proven positive reinforcement training which is force free and brings results. We are passionate about improving the dog and family bond, which means training is fun for the whole family. 

We understand that family members may be spending more time at home at the moment which makes it an effective time to get everyone involved in implementing the plan we put into place for improving your dogs behaviour. 

Please get in touch if you have any questions.


Puppy Pre-School
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For pups aged between 7-14 weeks of age. This is a crucial socialisation period for puppies so positive experiences are paramount for a well balanced, happy, socialised dog. Our classes are small (maximum of 4 puppies) which makes them extremely fun, interactive and more beneficial to all, especially your fur baby.


We use and promote positive reinforcement training methods which are advocated for by the Australian Veterinary Association. Play sessions are controlled to provide an optimal learning environment for your pup.

In this course we will cover:

- Positive reinforcement training

- Handling

- Biting

- Toilet training

- Socialisation

- Enrichment

- Understanding and managing normal puppy behaviour such as jumping and mouthing

- Come

- Sit

- Stay

- Drop

- Roll over

- Settle

- Gentle

- Leaving distractions

Price: $140 for a 5 week course

Location: Northern Illawarra Veterinary Hospital

Time: 6.30pm - 7.30pm

Please contact us for our next course date.

*All pups must have at least their first vaccination and be kept up to date during the course.

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Get your pup off to the right start! New puppy set ups are available for you and your new pup when it arrives home or even before you pick it up. 

We come to your house to discuss what you want from your puppy and set you both up for success, before problems arise. Popular topics include setting family boundaries and rules, toilet training, chewing, biting and basic training. Or, it can be completely tailored to your personal needs.

Price: $110 for 1 hour in home private consultation


Home Behaviour Consult

Private training sessions in the comfort of your own home at a time that suits you. These one-on-one training sessions will be tailored to your specific needs. We focus on what you would like to teach your dog, your dog's needs and your own needs in the ultimate and most comfortable training environment, your own home! Suitable for any age dog and any level of training.

Price: $110 for 1 hour in home private training


A behaviour consultation is different to training consults as it is specifically designed to help you and your dog with behaviour problems such as jumping, barking, dog reactivity, digging, or pulling on the lead. A behaviour consultation involves an initial private consultation in the comfort of the own home, and a follow up consultation. 


We will meet you, your dog, and discuss your problems and what you would like from your dog. We then develop a plan, implement training and behaviour modification and provide a written program specifically suited to your needs. At follow up, we check on your progress and go over any problems before moving forward with the next training steps. 

Includes: Initial behaviour analysis and 1 hour in-home consultation, plan, email support and 1 hour in-home follow up session (usually conducted 2-3 weeks after initial consultation). 

Price: $260

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For dogs aged 4 months and older, this fun 6 week course teaches you the best way to train your dog, provides education on how dogs learn, dog enrichment and basic dog manners. Our classes are small (maximum of 6-8 dogs) with 2 trainers, which makes it an optimal learning environment ensuring your dog gets individualised attention.


This course is suitable for dogs that have attended puppy pre-school and would like further training. The course also caters for owners and dogs new to training or those that wish to better their understanding of their dog and its behaviour.


In this course we will cover:

- Clicker training

- Dog body language

- How dogs learn

- Dog enrichment

- Come when called

- Sit when asked

- Settle on mat

- Drop when asked

- Stay > stay with distractions

- Leaving distractions

- Focus on you

- Walk on a loose lead

- Calm behaviour

- Polite greetings

- Polite meal time manners

- Problem behaviours such as jumping


Please note the first class is for humans only. During this first night we cover some really important topics such as reading dog body language, the basics of positive reinforcement training and how dogs learn.

Price: $240 for 6 week course

Location: Bulli Showground (inside undercover)

Time: 6.30pm-7.30pm

Please contact us for our next course date.

If you are unsure whether a class environment is suitable to your dog please contact us.

*All dogs must be up to date with their vaccination (proof of vaccination required).

Please phone or email to book in - limited spots available.