Pet Praise Behaviour and Training has been built on the vision, love, and drive of two veterinary nurses to better the lives of companion animals. After 15 years in the veterinary industry, we have witnessed a lot of animals with behaviour problems that have gone undiagnosed and untreated. We have seen countless owners at a loss for where to seek help, and owners who have sought help but unfortunately received inappropriate advice.


This ignited a passion in both of us to better our training and education, so that we could help the animals out there who had a voice that wasn't being heard. From this passion, Pet Praise Behaviour and Training was born.


How WE Can HelP YOU

Pet Praise is all about...


We are passionate about and dedicated to improving the overall mental and physical well being of all companion animals.



We achieve success through positive reinforcement training. Numerous scientific studies have recently shown that positive reward based training techniques are the best method of training and modifying behaviour in animals. It is through patience, persistence, and a genuine love of animals that we are able to achieve success. This means training is fun for the whole family and will the increase the bond between you and your pet.


We love to work with local veterinarians. We provide ongoing support and help implement a training program whilst keeping referring veterinarians up to date with training progress. We also ensure clients have regular check ups with their local veterinarian.  

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